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Tips for paper writing with LaTeX

cross referece

What should we do if we want to cite the figures or tables in supplmentary material? Use the xr package!

Firstly, put the following into the preamble of the SI:

%Number supplementary material with an S

Then, you can refer to the Figures with Figure Sxxx in your SI file. To cite them in your main text, you can use \ref, by adding the following to the main file:

%%Crossreferencing to the SI
\externaldocument[SI-]{<path to folder in which you have the SI>}

Now you can reference figures in the SI as

\ref{SI-<label you gave the figure in the SI>}

Be cautious: You need to recompile both the paper and the SI after doing so.

For overleaf users, please refer to here.

Thanks for the suggestion from Dr. Katharina Doblhoff-Dier in Leiden University.